Have you ever wished you could know more about the prospective jurors? Wouldn’t you like to know how they vote? How well they manage their money? Whether they’re litigious? What they post on social media?

Now you can . . . with GoToVerdict!

Political Affiliation
Social Media
Voting History
Tax Liens

...and much more!

GoToVerdict provides you with critical data on your prospective jurors during jury selection. Our web-based application is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and can give you an enormous advantage over your opponent and help you win your case.
It really is that simple.

Actual Screenshot from GoToVerdict

Screen from our app showing what the main page looks like during a jury selection. The left side of this screen shows a quick snapshot of all of the prospective jurors and the right side is the activity feed that provides GoToVerdict’s juror updates, your team's comments and ratings on the prospective jurors.

Juries are the ultimate decision makers at trial and have the ability to award millions of dollars to aggrieved parties – and the ability to award nothing.

Historically, individual jurors have been selected based on a trial attorney’s instincts and gut feelings. Isn't there a better way?

Wouldn't you like to know what your jurors are really thinking and what they are like in real life?

GoToVerdict is the only company that provides you with detailed, objective information about the prospective jurors while you are selecting the jury.

Select Better Juries

Sample List of Prospective Jurors

Zoomed-in view of the juror list on the left side of the main page showing a sample list of jurors with cursor mouse- overs showing. This view provides a quick snapshot of each juror including gender, political affiliation, home ownership, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, and ratings by your team. The lead trial attorney’s rating is in yellow and the ratings of others on the jury selection team are in gray. All icons are live (multiple mouseovers are depicted).

Sample Detailed Juror Profile

Screen from our app showing what a detailed profile page for a prospective juror would look like to you. This view provides further details on each prospective juror including criminal records, accidents, social media posts and likes, employment, education, in the news, and much more.

Company & Leadership

GoToVerdict was founded by experienced trial attorneys with over 100 years of combined trial experience. The data points used to evaluate individual jurors and jury panels was developed over years of successful, real-world trial experience. GoToVerdict’s founders have used these data to select better juries that are more inclined to return favorable verdicts.


Steve Poland


R. Anthony Rupp

GoToVerdict founder R. Anthony Rupp III is a graduate of Cornell University Law School who began trying cases almost upon graduation in 1992. He initially selected juries using old-school techniques that emphasized subjective, immeasurable, non-analytic factors such as how he “felt” during jury selection about a given juror or answer. Mr. Rupp chafed at the experience of choosing relatively unknown individuals to serve on his juries. As a solution, Mr. Rupp developed the methodology that forms the core of GoToVerdict’s objective, data-driven approach.

GoToVerdict identifies statistically significant factors from comprehensive public record data on individual jurors and puts this information in the hands of the selecting attorney within minutes during selection.

Enable Remote Second-Chairs

Clients and colleagues can use GoToVerdict on their phones or computers to get real-time jury selection updates from counsel.

Unmask Deceptive Jurors

GoToVerdict uses an ever-expanding number of public, private, and commercial sources to provide you with the best information available anywhere on jurors.

Give Yourself An Advantage

Get juror answers from opposing counsel’s questions without sharing your information from GoToVerdict.

Make a Great Impression on Jurors

Respect juror's time by not asking questions you already know the answers to.

How It Works

Submit to us the names, ages and cities of the jurors.

Our computer servers instantly research comprehensive public record data for each juror.

Information on each juror is put in your hands within minutes during jury selection.

We’re better than jury consultants and much more economical. Please contact us today for a free demonstration of our proprietary web application in action with information from an actual jury selection in a real case involving real attorneys, real jurors, and real GoToVerdict research.