What is GoToVerdict (GTV)?
GTV is an internet-based application that delivers comprehensive data and research on prospective jurors to trial attorneys and other members of their team during jury selection. The application also gives the trial team the option of commenting on and rating the prospective jurors and generating a comprehensive recap report once the jury is selected.

What research does it provide?
The information available for each prospective juror varies but typically includes political party affiliation (in most jurisdictions), judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, property ownership (including assessed value and street-view photographs), vehicles owned (including boats and recreational vehicles), businesses owned, and professional licenses. If available, GTV also provides employment and criminal history, social-media footprint, and much more.

How does it work?
Our system automatically extracts electronic data on each prospective juror from dozens of internet and proprietary database sources, organizes and collates it, and delivers it to the courtroom by way our proprietary internet application.

Is GTV entirely automated?
GTV personnel are available during every jury selection to answer questions from the trial team and resolve any technical issues that may arise.

What does GTV need in order to research the prospective jurors?
Typically, we need only the name, town of residence, and age of the prospective jurors to perform the research.

Do you provide research on every prospective juror?
Yes. We identify 94% of the prospective jurors on our first pass and usually locate the remainder within minutes.

How quickly is the research made available to the trial attorney?
The research typically is available on the prospective jurors within 10 minutes of GTV receiving the list of names.

Who else can see the research beyond the trial attorney?
Anyone with an internet connection and the permission of the trial attorney can access the research as well as comment on and rate the prospective jurors. This allows clients, claims representatives, jury consultants, second chairs, paralegals, and support staff to follow the progress of the jury selection remotely in real time, provide additional research on the prospective jurors, and assist the trial attorney in deciding which jurors to keep or exclude.

Is the internet application difficult to use?
Our internet application was designed by trial attorneys for trial attorneys. It is extremely easy to learn and use. Training by way of a demo usually takes 15-30 minutes.

What technology is needed to access the internet application during jury selection?
Any internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone can access and use the app.

What is the optimal way to use the system?
A trial team consisting of an attorney questioning the jurors and a second attorney or paralegal taking notes in the app on the jurors’ answers and tracking their status throughout the jury selection is all you will need. Combining GTV’s research on each juror with the trial team’s notes and ratings provides decision-makers with unparalleled information.

What is the GTV value proposition?
GTV provides more research on each prospective juror from more sources than any other provider or method. It would not be possible to perform the same research manually for anything close to what GTV charges and it would take far longer to deliver. Our internet app comes free with the research and allows the trial team to control the entire jury selection while simultaneously allowing limitless numbers of remote users to monitor the selection and support the trial team. Finally, our app automatically generates the most comprehensive jury summary and selection recap report ever seen, saving the trial team even more time and money.